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What is Inbox Alias?

Inbox Alias is a temporary email system that forwards emails to your personal email account. It allows you to create temporary Alias email addresses that can be disabled (blocking emails) and enabled (allowing emails through) as necessary.

Inbox Alias allows you to send and reply to emails all through your anonymous Alias addresses.

How other temporary email systems are not secure

Temporary email programs: Their best attribute is also their worst feature.

Anonymous and temporary email programs sell themselves on the fact that they are easy to use. This means they had to limit the steps needed to create and check these temporary addresses. What they don't tell you is that anyone else can view your emails without a password. How? All you have to do is enter your email address on their homepage to access your emails. All ANYONE else has to do is enter YOUR email address to view YOUR emails. No passwords, no restrictions. 

Check Anyone's Emails
For example, go to http://www.mailinator.com/ and on the top left where it says 'Check your inbox' try entering some common first names like Tim, or John and if anybody has created an address using that name, you'll immediately see their emails.

Reset Anyone's Passwords
Even better, go to Google and search for '@mailinator.com'. These are all email accounts that you could actually check at mailinator.com. I found one on the first page that someone had used to create a MySpace.com account. By going to myspace, entering that email address and clicking 'forgot password', I could then check the email account at mailinator.com for the new password and log into this persons MySpace account! I didn't.... but somebody who isn't as nice as me could.

Other Disposable and Anonymous Emailers on the web that exhibit this security flaw





How is Inbox Alias different/better?

Sometimes sites that require your email address to sign up may distribute or even sell your email address. The people that buy these addresses may or may not be legitimate companies. This all results in un-solicted and unwanted emails clogging up your inbox and wasting your time.

Inbox Alias uses a unique method to manage your temporary emails.

With Inboxalias you have the ability to sign up for a forum or other website and receive the registration confirmation email right to your normal inbox. After you've confirmed registration, deactivate that alias address in your control panel. Even if that website sells your alias address, no emails will come through to your account because the alias has been disabled.

If you forget your password, you can log into Inbox Alias, reactivate that email alias, and the 'reset password' email will be delivered to your normal inbox. Then de-activate the address again.

What are some examples of how people use Inbox Alias?

You don't have to spend much time online before somebody wants your email address.

Here are some things people use Inbox Alias for:

  • Posting a Craigslist Ad
  • Signing up for a Newsletter
  • Registering for a free ebook
  • Creating a free blog on Wordpress.com or Blogger.com
  • Signing up for Social Media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • As a way to sign up multiple times on sites/services that only allow one registration per email address
  • When registering for a forum
  • If a site requires your email address to view a free movie
  • When signing up for stock alerts/stock tickers
  • When registering for a client on Google or other services
  • To submit press releases
  • When shipping packages
  • If signing up for a contest or free giveaway
  • To test email campaigns

Why can't I use the Craigslist Anonymous Email Address feature when posting ads?

When posting a Craigslist Ad, you have the option of using your own email, or a randomly generated Craigslist email address. While using the random email address is much better than your personal address, you are still at great risk for receiving spam emails.

Here is typically what happens when using the Craigslist Random Email Address:

  1. You post a Craigslist Ad and select to use the random email feature
  2. Someone responds to the random email address and Craigslist forwards it to your personal email.
  3. It seems like it might be a scammer, but it's hard to tell. You choose to click reply, and the reply is sent from your personal email.
  4. It turns out it is a scammer, and they start emailing you spam at your personal email address.
  5. The only way to stop this is to change email addresses.

Here is what happens when using an Inbox Alias address:

  1. You post a Craigslist Ad and select to use your newly created Inbox Alias address
  2. Someone responds to the Inbox Alias and our system forwards it to your personal email.
  3. It seems like it might be a scammer, but it's hard to tell. You choose to click reply, and the reply is sent through your Inbox Alias.
  4. It turns out it is a scammer, and they start emailing you spam at your Inbox Alias address.
  5. Once your Craigslist Ad is complete (that person is hired or your item is sold), you disable the Inbox Alias address and all future emails are blocked.

I registered on a website with my Inbox Alias Address, and they sold my email address!?

Many websites offer a monthly newsletter or other registrations requiring an email address. Many websites don't have a way to unsubscribe from these lists if you ever change your mind. Some websites will sell your address to other companies.

If you give them an InboxAlias address, you can monitor messages sent to that address. If you start receiving spam to that address, just deactivate that alias. You've not only stopped the messages, but helped figure out what website was selling your email.